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Here at ReJenerative Therapy, we offer Counselling packages to companies wanting to put their employee’s wellbeing first.  You can purchase a Counselling package of either 6, 12, or 18 Sessions, depending on the level of support your colleague needs, without having to pay for the extra’s EAP services will charge you.  Our wide range of skills within the Counselling Team means we can help with a wide range of issues, in a time focused way. Tailored to the needs of your employee, with personal contact with myself to ensure you receive a streamlined personal, and professional service.  We already work with local companies and schools, and are keen to expand.

We can now also offer Supervision sessions for group work, and Clinical Supervision from our in-house Counsellor Henna.  She works within a variety of settings such as schools, and private practice.

Many workplaces experience time, money and performance losses due to staff that are burnt out, overwhelmed and unfocused. I gained 21 years’ experience, working at management level within the financial service industry.  It was the burnout from this that led me to changing my career to something more fulfilling, and it is my life’s work to pass on this knowledge.  ,By enabling employees, to effectively handle their own stresses and anxieties, enables more space for creativity and productivity, by a team that are committed to working for a company they know has their wellbeing at heart.

Book in for a chat if you wish to discuss how we can help your workforce achieve greater resilience.

Packages available in:

Here at ReJenerative Therapy, we offer packages to companies wanting to put their staff’s well being first, by enabling employees to effectively handle their own stresses and anxieties.

Corporate counselling is available for 1 member of staff or can also be purchased in a bulk deal.

We understand the importance of counselling and putting your employee’s wellbeing first.

These training days are experiential and have been shown to bring:

• Improved productivity
• Less mistakes
• Better stress resilience
• More creativity
• Greater job satisfaction
• Staff retention
• Improved teamwork
• Better workplace environments
• Increase harmonious relationships
• Less workplace conflict
• Improved conflict resolution
• Lower levels of absenteeism
• Improved health
• Lowered stress levels
• Enhanced immune function
• Improved physical and mental well-being
• Greater happiness


“We have been working with Jeni for more than a year now and she has been invaluable in supporting us at Helix. In what has been such trying times,
so many of our team have benefited and had their lives enriched with the work Jeni has been able to do. We are a happy workforce as a result!”

Gray Richmond
Managing Director | Helix Trading Ltd

“Jeni has been a life line for a number of our employees over the a number of years, and has made a difference to their lives in many ways. During the last two years she has gone above and beyond for our people, holding weekly group check in sessions, one to one meetings to offer advice, resources and tools to deal with ever changing situations. For me personally, having someone at the other end of the phone when I’m dealing with an employee in crisis is invaluable”.

Lisa Talbot
Head of Employee Experience and Organisational Development | Dudley Building Society

ReJenerative Therapy offer packages to companies wanting to put their staff’s well being first, by enabling employees to effectively handle their own stresses and anxieties.

ReJenerative Therapy offer my own unique, blended, way of delivering you a personalised counselling service, integrating a variety of therapeutic approaches, enabling you to revive a sense of self, take control of your life, and get the results you are seeking.

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